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Our desire is to help people who seem stuck in hopeless situations. We come beside them and offer hope, teaching them to recognize and utilize the resources that they have at their command. HopeFound.org helps them build businesses, raise orphanages, provide themselves with pure water, learn physical hygiene, and acquire an education along with other community development.

HopeFound.org is comprised of individuals who bring their personal skills and trades into marginalized communities, teaching people how to advance their quality of life. We utilize farmers, construction workers, timber managers, architects, saw-mill owners, nurses, dentists, engineers and other industrial tradesmen, contractors, and professionals.

We often follow other non-profit organizations into countries, partnering with them and using their groundwork and contacts to more efficiently find those who need our help. These organizations often discover practical places for HopeFound.org to begin helping people learn to participate in their own development.


Benafsha Yaqoobi

"I have been forced from my people, but they cannot take them out of my heart."

Mrs. Benafsha Yaqoobi is now a refugee from Afghanistan, where she served on the National Unity Government as a Commissioner for the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC). She has had to flee her country and is now in safety in the UK.

She wants the world to know the heart-breaking situation of women and the disabled in Afghanistan. She is passionate about promoting fair participation for women and the disabled in all societies.

If you want to partner with Benafsha in helping the widows and disabled in Afghanistan and the refugee camps, click here:



  • Helped the natives develop an export business for selling their ethnic drums abroad.



  • Taught the natives good farming practices for increasing their crops.
  • Helped inhabitants to sell their handcrafted jewelry in the United States.



  • Sponsored a group of orphaned children, providing funding for food, clothes, and medical needs.
  • Assisted in securing and funding land for an orphanage to improve the children’s living conditions.
  • Provided free medical and dental aid in remote tribal villages.
  • Supplied milk for babies of malnutrition mothers.
  • Provided refuge and counseling for victims of abuse.

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